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Thursday, October 10, 2013

An exercise in Free Writing.

At least once a week, I read through a variety of articles and blogs on tips for writing. One article recommended (and suggested exercise in) freewriting. Freewriting involves writing whatever comes to mind, regardless of grammar, sense or coherence. It produces a raw stream of consciousness. You just let your mind wander. It is an writing exercise used as one of many suggestions to help remove writers’ block or procrastination and to help provide ideas. It is writing for the pleasure of writing without having to worry about the motive for writing or the end result. It is another reason I endeavour to write my blog daily; it gives me practice in free writing. Sometimes I ask friends for a topic, to get my creative juices flowing…

Today I present you with one of the exercises that I have done, as an example. The subject given to me was:  About my feet. (in 10 minutes)

I have average sized feet and the toenails really need a trim; they grow extremely fast. Right now they are sporting a bright green shade of nail polish – a remnant from a ‘girly session’ with my daughter.

I have been told that I have small feet for my height. They used to be a 7 1/2 but now that shoes are being made narrower, I have to wear a size 8 (Australian). Many of my friends were size 9. Though I have been told that our feet get larger as we age. I should Google that sometime (not that I can believe everything found on the internet – no peer reviews and usually no bibliography to support facts.)

shoes3More recently the large toe joints have become very pointed. It reminds me of my grandma’s feet. It is a reminder that I am aging. To rub salt into the I’ve hit middle age is the problems with my arches. I now need to wear arch supports (helps my hip!). Now I have to adapt my shoe-shopping to take this into account.

I like to walk in bare feet. I often say that ‘Shoes are coffins for our feet.’ I remember mum forcing me to wear shoes at school. These days my feet have gone soft. Last night I ventured out front without shoes (checking on the smoke that was down the street). I found the path had scattered stones from the garden. The larger ones were not such an issue. However the smaller ones were hard underfoot. When I reached the driveway, there were fallen sticks from the gum tree, rough stones and prickles in the grass. I really should do some weeding when the weather cools slightly.

Give it a try: your subject is: Lunch

An exercise in Free Writing.

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