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Monday, October 21, 2013

Organising - Editing My Writing Space

With the recent garden clean up, I was in a culling/editing mood. I have been putting off attacking this project. My writing desk has been coverd in ’stuff’ which was precariously piled to over 40cm, across the entire desk.

desktidy 2131020
After my husband removed the accumulated dust (dust allergies – I still had to get an antihistamine and my eyes and ears are excruciatingly itchy now and my voice is raspy), I set to reorganising my desk. (Sorry, I forgot to take a before photo – it was piled at least 40cm high!).

Gone are small empty boxes, old (empty) diaries and even some old catalogue pages! I found bulldog clips, paperclips and a box of my business cards that I knew I had somewhere.

I can find things on my writing desk now. (Now I just have to organise below the desk…) I need a home for my story boxes (they have handwritten notes and ideas for each major story) and several notebooks in which I do most of my first drafts.  That will be left for another day, as I have had quite enough dust for one day, thank you.

This is MY corner. The bookshelves are full of my  historical/costume research books (costuming, historical re-enactment and writing) that I have collected over the last 25 (plus) years. I am quite proud of my collection, many of which are not available in Australia. (When we travel overseas, our souvenirs are books.) Some are now out of print and were hard to track down.

The ring binder and badge maker are on the right bench (actually a knitting machine). The purple set of drawers is on rollers and holds art supplies and writing notebooks. It is a second hand beside table that I painted in some of my favourite colours.

desktidy corner 131020

This was a dreaded task but one well worth it. Now I can actually work on my desk. I can find things (and found some items that I had misplaced). I always feel more calm and organised (in my head, not just the room) when I do a de-clutter. It seems that I remove some mental baggage at the same time that I dump accumulated rubbish in the bin (recycling or to Freecycle or the opshops).  I am itching to get started on more writing now that I have a dedicated space again!

Organising - Editing My Writing Space

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