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Monday, October 14, 2013

Commissioned Art

When I am feeling up against it, there are a few things that I find consoling – my writing, my garden, my photography and my drawing.  This week  I have returned to my garden to pot some succulents, plant a lemon tree and to take photographs. Sunday was drawing day. Less exhausting and still very satisfying. By creating something, my heart feels lighter, there is the feeling of completeness and  my soul is satiated.

For regulars, you may remember a previous post Book Artwork COmmission , last month. Today was the perfect day to complete the work. It was a pleasant spring day but the occasional showers restricted any gardening hopes that I had. I had inked the last two images yesterday. They had dried for over 24 hours, so I cleaned them up with an eraser.  

The cover was to be coloured. I used pencils to give shading similar to that found in the medieval artwork of the manuscript. In all, there are four black and white nib-inked chapter drawings and a page of incidental artwork, plus the inked and hand-coloured cover.

all done

I am hoping these will be to the taste of the author. All going well, this will be available to buy

in the very near future – I33: Fencing in he Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript (a discussion and rapier exercises based on early period text)

Attention all Fencers – watch this space!

Commissioned Art

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