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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Gremlin Strikes Again

We must have gremlins in the house… or kleptomaniac leprechauns.

Last night I used my lip gloss/moisturiser and put it on the bedside table in its usual position. When doing a tidy up for the cleaner (that sounds so ironic doesn’t it?) it was nowhere to be seen. (I love our cleaner. He sweeps and removes all the collected dust that I am allergic to. I am sneezing my head off right now. When he leaves, I shall be able to breathe again! Mwah to him.)

I know it is not the itchy little fingers of the loin spawn. She does not tend to be a kleptomaniac. She is however, a hoarder. We have to do a fortnightly clean out of all the crafty things she has made from cardboard boxes and bits of scrap. (At least she is into upcycling.) She keeps everything as an important reminder.

book gremlinShe is also a Compulive Piler of Books. (Or maybe it is the gremlins again?) For some reason, the books can never find their way back onto the shelf until the cleaner is due. The night before, there  is a flurry of book migration, from floor to shelves.  She loves her books; she is always reading. A good week involves the reward of visiting the local library… and more books to stack in piles.

Later this morning, the gremlin struck again. My hairbrush was not in its customary place in the bathroom drawer. I searched. And searched. No one had seen it since last night. The cat just looked at me and blinked. (Sometimes I think she is having fun at my expense and may be in league with the gremlin.) Yes, it was eventually found. Someone had left it on the kitchen table.

I just wish I could find the gremlin and train it to do the washing up, or to fold the clothes washing. Maybe I could promote  it to Head Librarian in Charge of Putting Away Books Left in Piles?

Our Gremlin Strikes Again

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