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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not a Thing.

Someone challenged me to write about nothing. I tried to think of a good reason not to write a thing on the subject and could think of absolutely no reason why I should not at least try to write about nothing. Not a thing.

I sat at my desk, notebook in front of me and tried to write something. Nothing came to mind. After an hour, still nothing. This task was not as easy as you would think. A few cups of tea later and there was still not a thing penned.

I decided to procrastinate some more. Nothing to lose, I thought. I flicked through the stations on the television. There was not a thing worth watching. Nada. Nothing but repeats and debatable ‘real life tv’ (something that really promotes nothingness).

Back to the writing… I sat. Maybe if I defined nothing: “not anything; zero; something that has no substance or importance” which is how I am feeling about this post actually.

So I Googled ‘nothing’. There is a blog called ‘Nothing’. Apparently they believe in nothing. They also have twitter – a good place to go chat… about not much really. Next on the list is a website called ‘do nothing for 2 minutes.’ There is a lovely view of the ocean at sunset with relaxing wave sounds as a clock counts down the two minutes. Then there is an advertisement advertising the app on the Apple App Store.

Did you know there was a movie called ‘Nothing’ made in 2003? (rated 6.2 on IMDb). I knew nothing about it before. Speaking of movies, Much Ado about Nothing with David Tennant  and Catherine Tate… Now there is something I want to see.

Not a Thing.

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