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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here be Dragons

I have always had a thing for dragons. Ever since I read the Hobbit (as a child) I had a fascination for them. Then came the doodles. My school books were full of cute little, smokey dragons surrounded by dwarven runes. I even taught my friend the runes so we could write notes in class (and not have anyone else be able to read them). But there was a problem. I tried to draw nasty, blood-thirsty dragons fit to give me nightmares but they  but  they always ended up looking cute. I tried. I failed.

When I Dungeon Mastered my D&D world in the 80s, I had a whole clandestine world of dragons. Occasionally one would take human form and wreck havoc on the world (more along the lines of practical jokes, embarrassing the lesser species and manipulating governments.

A friend was the first to give me a ‘pinch pot’ dragon  - ‘to start my collection’. It grew from there.  Then there was a small, pewter dragon to start my D&D miniature collection…
dragon 9 dragon 13

dragon 6
dragon 2

dragon 4

One of the first items I bought when I moved out of home was  a little dragonette statue. I reminded me of Smaug (and he was christened as such). He has moved with me through three flats and to our house; you can see his ‘scars’ from the interstate move. I even found a garden statue dragon cast from the same mould 25 years laterI hope it was not a recaster doing something a little naughty with copyright.

dragon 5
Over the years the collection grew. My daughter even finds stuffed toy dragons in opshops for me.

I even scored a remote control dragon for one of my birthday presents.

For those of you, dear Readers, who also love dragons, I have a Ancient Dragon design in my Roleplayer series on Red Bubble.


My most recent score was a set of dragons in my favourite colours – a birthday present from some friends. The collection just keeps growing; there are many other dragons secreted about the house (and garden).

dragon K

So beware, he who enters. Here be dragons.

Here be Dragons

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  1. I too have a dragon named Smaug, a small pewter one that I bought in high school. He recently came out of storage and has been gracing my bedroom in Heidelberg since last spring.