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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Need to Smell the Roses

1310 bees flying
I has been some time since I have just taken photographs for the sake of art. There been many happy snaps and quick pictorial documentation of events attended but I have not really enjoyed the visual delight and interplay of colours of the world around me. It was time to just take the time to revel in the nature around me.

This week I have managed to get back into the garden and get some chores done (there are still many to go). Spring is well on the way; the flowers are blooming, the fruit is starting to appear on the trees and the bees are swarming.  This week the broccoli has all flowered and I came home to see almost fifty native bees flying around (there were about three Europan bees as well). They were fast little critters; I took several photos to try to get as many as possible in shot (and hopefully one in flight). This worked best with a darker background (I moved to get shadow behind) and  larger aparture (to blur the background).

The calendula flowers almost glowed in the sun, so I used the same technique (dark, blurred background) to bring out the colour. This was one of my favourite photos.                            calendula

schwartzI know I should vary my style a little but I love getting in close. The Aeonium Schwarzkopf is almost taking over, under one of my native trees. I love the dark purplish colours that contrast with the green of the new leaves.

It is very easy to propagate – just cut a piece off, wait for the end to seal (a few days) and push it into the ground. It will eventually produce roots and grow. These were grown this way.

A few years ago, I planted three rose bushes along the front path. They were straggly survivors from pots. They sat there, not dying and not really prospering. Finally they are really start to produce a lot of flowers and the leaves. I should get out to smell the roses more.


The Need to Smell the Roses

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