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Thursday, October 3, 2013

'Buy Nothing New" Clothing.

Next on the list is a maxi-length A-line skirt for summer. I have revealed the  the planned material in a previous post: Overcoming obstacles. For those who don’t like following links, here it is again.

13 summer skirt

This has been sitting in my material stash for most of the year (purchased from one of the Spotlight sale tables). It has a summery feel, is very lightweight cotton (for our over 40 deg C summers) and is in shades of purple.

You may have guessed that my favourite colour is purple (see Clothed for example). I went through a stage of not buying or making pieces in purple. I was tired of people assuming  that if something was purple, I would either like it or own it. My wardrobe was becoming a drab place. I have now decided to go with my heart and wear what cheers me up. Purple cheers me up.

This month is Buy Nothing New MonthThe challenge is to try to buy no new items for the entire month, encouraging recycling and reusing (food exempt). If we can learn to cut down on wasting our resources then this will benefit the environment. There are several FB pages dedicated to this such as Buy Nothing New Month Australia. Check out the second hand stores, opshops and garage sales. I also have a FB page dedicated to Recycle, Reuse, Repair and Grow.

This month I am planning on attacking more material from my stash cupboard and wrangling it into wearable items.

'Buy Nothing New" Clothing.

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