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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Buy Nothing New October...

As some of you may be aware October is Buy Nothing New month. For those who don’t know what I am on about, this is it:
booksaleTTG lib 2013
It started in Melbourne and is spreading. The idea is to get people thinking about how much ‘stuff’ we actually use. If we use less, recycle, upcycle or repair more then we can help our environment by reducing needless waste.  It saves us money as well. It was originally in October, so that is when I do the challenge. 

Earlier in the week, we took advantage of a secondhand book sale at our local library. We bought three bags of books and came home with 71 books and some DVD/CDs and we returned on Saturday (now at 111 books). Now we just have to find somewhere to put them… and we WILL.

suit for steampunkI have mentioned some of my efforts in sorting out my wardrobe in Buy NOthing New Clothing where I have started using material (that I already have in my cupboard) to sew new outfits this month – so I don’t have to buy new clothing.

Second hand stores, such as Salvos, Goodwill and opshops are also another way of doing this. I often opshop for costume bits and accessories. Many pieces of my steampunk outfits have been sourced at garage sales or secondhand stores. It keeps the cost right down! Today we found a checkered suit, perfect for steampunking up (think the suits on Ripper). It was a perfect fit for my husband and only $20 – for the entire suit. Wicked! (One less thing I have to make. Even better.)

I also managed to score some chinaware – a teapot (in which I plant my succulents) and a  novelty teacup. I love collecting interesting teapots. My hubby insisted that we had more than enough to use, so I decided to use them for potting up my succulents. So there is now two collections in one.

The tea cup will cheer me up when I need it.

pots 2
teapot plantingmug happy

Our environment is precious and this is something individuals can do. There is a website and a FB page, if you want more information.

Buy Nothing New October...

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