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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spring Jobs.

Spring is well on the way. There have been some very hot days; it does not bode well for summer which is looking like it will be excruciatingly hot. I am not a big fan of the heat. I mope and wilt in the corner, like a pathetic wall flower that has someone has forgotten to water. It is not a pretty sight.

1310 lemon after Elemon windbreakThere are some garden tasks that have to be done before the heat sets in, some of which should have been completed by now. I have been a little lax this year, with real life and health issues being a real pain in the butt… literally (well, the hip at least.) As you will know, dear Reader, I did manage to get the lemon tree in this year (Garden Therapy).  It is now in the front yard. So far, the lemon tree is surviving the buffeting from the winds that decided to pick up after we had planted the new lemon tree. I did create a windbreak, to give it the best chance of survival.
carrots more

It is amazing just how quickly we can get through the carrots we have been growing. There is still half a bed of good sized ones which will last some time. However, I should have sown some more seeds a month or so ago; they do take a few months to reach a decent size.  Wednesday I braved those winds and managed to get some carrot and parsley seeds sown.

sorted seeds

The final task was to sort through my seed ‘library’. I have an expanding file in which I have seeds sorted into pockets according to the sowing times: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter etc. I removed the out-of-date seeds (which are to be given away on Freecycle), re-ordered the remaining seeds (they always get out of order) and am now ready for this season’s round of vegetable planting.

If only my writing could be so ordered and easy to finish up!

Spring Jobs.

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