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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Winter's Sunday.

Today was cold. Finally  winter has really decided to announce itself. The rain, and fleeting sunshine, was lovely but the wind chill factor was not at all pleasant.  As a result, I spent little time in the garden. I did manage to do  a little weeding; with the rain the ground is soft and it is so much easier to extract those stubborn weeds with long tap roots.

I also managed to pull a lot of rocket (lettuce) to take to work tomorrow. (Not a favourite in our household.) I sowed a mixture of lettuce seed and the rocket had decided to, well, rocket ahead of the green and red lettuces.  While I was there, I also thinned some of the broccoli seedlings and moved them to the now vacant spaces.

Today, I decided to concentrate on some artistic adventures. I managed to make a couple of sets of amulets and matching earrings in my Ocotarm series. You may remember my bookmarks that are now available also.  (New Portable Art to Carry with You)

These have pierced drop earrings and an amulet on adjustable leather cording. Earrings $15, amulet $15

I have also some individual amulets on cording. Large $20, Small $15. And finally, a bangle in silver $15.  

More information can be found at my website for my Portable Art or on my Facebook Page for Ocotarm Jewelry.

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