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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pretty Pictures

I have been a slack bum today. Honestly, it has been a bad day. I have been feeling off all day having had a head splitting migraine for part of the day. I did manage to get for a drive (well, my husband was driving as I was not probably safe to do so) as we visited the relatives. I managed to take a few photographs; so in place of witty comments (of which I am not capable today) or deep, thoughtful ponderings (which makes my head hurt too much), I give you pretty pictures.

Looking at them, I must apologise as they are from my old mobile phone. When my contract is up in October, I will be looking for something with a better camera; this one has been dropped a few times and I think the lens has been damaged. It also does not cope well with the low, afternoon sun hence some funky colouring...

Firstly a topic close to my heart. Do you have Suspended Coffees near you? When you buy a coffee (or soup in some cases), you pay for another one. This is then given to a less fortunate individual (often homeless) when they come in to the cafe. A way of paying it forward to those in need, especially over winter. Some of the cafes in Westfield are now are doing it... (finally!) https://www.facebook.com/SuspendedCoffeess?hc_location=stream

The second and third shots are from vapour trails seen overhead while driving home.  

And some shots from my garden. There are so many shots you can take close to home. The mushroom popped up this morning and is about 15cm in diameter. Won't be risking eating it though; there have been several reports of hospitalisation, this season, due to wrongly identified mushrooms. The mushroom shot is my favourite taken over the past few weeks.

Tomorrow I will have something more intellectual to present... as long as my head clears. 

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