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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What To Do On A Wet Saturday.

So what did I do this Saturday?

This week, as you know, has been a challenge for me; avoiding decisions, procrastination and writers' block.  Writing about this, and the associated thoughts, here has been very cathartic. Writing tends to do that for me. It is a way of collecting my thoughts and getting them out in the open where they don't seem so scary.

After a much needed therapeutic massage to get rid of the stress knots, we had some family time and rewatched a Harry Potter movies/books. There are some very interesting and clever concepts in the story. Something small but makes complete sense, is the use of the wand against the throat to amplify the voice instead of a microphone. There are lots of little things that we take for granted that have been playfully twisted. Some food for thought there...

Having recharged my batteries, I knuckled down and decided on a background colour for the scrolls. I mixed up some guache, using peacock blue, lightening it with white and then adding a touch of black to make it more greyish. Unfortunately the photo turned out too blue here. (on my phone-of-convenience again)

The backgrounds, of the matching pair of scrolls, are now both done. I have highlighted the text/minature squares with gold to brighten it up.

Here is this afternoon's work. Now to leave it to dry before the flora and fauna are painted. I have shown part so far, so that (hopefully) the recipients will not realise.. If you guess, please don't tell. These were taken on my Canon so a tad closer to the actual colour. 


I am feeling much more contented now that I have been more productive.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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