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Monday, June 24, 2013

Been Painting....

I am taking a few days break from writing to finish off some painting I had promised to do. If you want to see some of it on the go, there are pics and discussion in What to do on a Wet Saturday and Scribey Stuff.

Today, I started painting the animals and flowers and vines. I used a medium green for the vines, then highlighed with a yellow and used a darker green for shadow and leaf veins. The flowers are red, orange and white. The strawberries are not finished and need highlighting, as do some of the red flowers.

I had the most fun painting the animals which are based on differing medieval manuscript appearances of them. There are three levels of colour, raw umbra mixed with a light yellow as it was a tad too dark, there is a light yellow and a 'mix of the lighter raw umber and light yellow' to make the median colour.

This leaves the acanthus leaves (the spikey curly leaves that have not been painted as yet. I am toying with making them gold with some shading, to lighten the project.

Then there is the matching scroll to paint!


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