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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Following on ...

Following on from my thoughts yesterday...

I am now finishing off my last short story, for this month. 1200 words were done in my usual 'spew everything forth' method, with a few paragraphs after the introductory passage and an extra scene to fill with the remaining 800 words, I sat and did a little planning so I know the final direction of the piece. This has been a much more enjoyable process. 

Thursday, I was hoping the words didn't run dry. I managed to fill in the early paragraphs, setting the scene a little more. I was reasonably happy with the outcome. Last night (as is often)  that missing scene started forming itself (when I was brushing my teeth!) I have a small notebook by the bed that now has a paragraph or two, with notes. This is what I faced on Friday.

By lunch I had filled both 'holes' in the story, with an initial word count of 1915 words. After an intial proof reading, two rewrites, more proof reading, some editing and typo corrections, the final story Fashioned in Black was ready to post. One day before the postal deadline. 

This was a much more comfortable and more enjoyable write. I have a feeling of satisfaction and achievement that I did not get with the last story. This week has been an interesting experiment and I have discovered more about my writing processes, the genres I prefer to write and why I write. I have found that I have to write what I love; if I was forced to write something that I cannot put my heart into, the whole process is torture rather than a fun challenge. 
And then what would be the point.

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