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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Change of Plan.. (or squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Firstly, hello to my new readers!
There is usually something new from me ... most days. Some of you have found me via Australian Literature Review, via Facebook or my website.  Feel free to share and don't forget to subscribe via Google+ or email.

I was going to write more on my painting today, as the past few days have been mostly about writing my short stories. My confidence had been taking a bit of a battering due to the 'from-hell' experience I had when trying a new approach to my writing. At the same time, I had entered several short story competitions and had zilch feedback. 

This was to be expected as most competitions do state they will not 'enter into correspondence' or 'we will not given confirmation of receipt'. As a result, sometimes I am not even sure if the entry had been recieved. For email submissions, I do tick the 'read receipt' so at least I know when email submissions are received. However, I did receive one (automated response), from a writers' group short story competition, that thanked me for the entry and wished me luck. That was a nice touch.

In the past few weeks, I have been doubting myself.  I have a friend (ex-teacher and scientist) who gives me good advice and very constructive criticism (and doesn't mind proof reading for me). This helps me keep perspective. It is one thing when family and friends like my work but the question that starts nagging is will anyone else? I am getting more regular readers (thanks to you all!) so I know, dear reader, that you are enjoying the blogs. But what of my short stories, many of which cannot be published before they are either accepted or rejected? 

Earlier in the month, I had entered An Eye for Detail into the Australian Literature Review's Short Story competition. (theme: Mystery/Dectective). If you have been following my ravings for a while, you may have read about it in Research, Research, Research and Fashioning a Scroll and a Short Story. This was written with some of the 'write what you know' theory. My alter-ego is an optometrist so I know the workings of the eye and modern eye testing. 

I did a lot of research into early practices, even when women were in the profession. (which was earlier for a doctor than for an optician). As a result the story was shifted thirty years later to 1870. This was also cathartic, as I have been having stress at my 'paid' work.  Writing this short story made me deal with a lot of issues just so I could even write about the subject. In the end it helped me wrap my head around things and, as a bonus, I have a set of characters that I will definitely use again. 

Yesterday, I got an email that actually made me 'squee!" I have been shortlisted for the Australian Literary Review Short Story competition with this story! I am actually covetting part of the prize (which was the reason I entered this competition) which is professional feedback on my writing.
You can find the story at: Australian Literary Review website. Please leave comments there, and let me know what you think here. 

I am now crossing my fingers!