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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nothing Exciting Happening Here...

Nope. Nothing on writing today. The rain finally stopped a couple of days ago; we had more than half of the expected rainfall due over Winter by June 2nd! Great for the garden and great for the local dams. The farm girl in me has been head over heals! Only now, is the ground starting to dry out enough that I can get some gardening done. 

I originally went outside to do some weeding around the lettuce and broccoli... then decided that the strawberry beds needed some tidying up. While pruning them, I found about forty runners that were starting to take root. So I just  had to start potting them up. This also meant that I had to rejuvenate the soil in the wheelbarrow we use for growing vegetables as I was now running out of places to put the strawberry runners. 

Two hours later, I am out of potting mix, have used up almost the entire bag of straw and have a rejuvenated strawberry patch, a wheelbarrow and two pots full of new strawberry plants with still plenty to give away!

Nope. Nothing exciting happening here. Move along.

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