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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Painting Prose

It has been a busy day. I was back writing (or re-writing more accurately) my short story A Piece of Time. It has to be posted within the next two days, so the deadline nerves are looming. I have just finished printing it out for the final proof read. It is the most 'mundane', non-fantasy/non-speculative fiction piece that I have written so far. 

The whole project has been a learning experience; I had a lot more issues with writers' block on this one. I have a myriad of ideas that would take it on a more speculative fiction slant. I had to curb the urge to go in that direction. As a result, I have discovered that I definitely prefer the fantasy/ speculative genre.

Having spent most of the day writing, re-writing and editing I decided to take a break from prose and do some painting. As you have probably read, in Been Painting, What to do on a Wet Saturday and Scribey Stuff, I have been working on a matching pair of scrolls for a re-enactment group. Today I started on the second scroll. 

The flora and fauna are now complete and the scroll is drying, ready for both to have the gold added for the acanthus leaves and the portrait to be finished. I will leave you with some pictures ...


  1. says the woman whom I envy for hers!!!! :)
    Thank you!