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Sunday, July 7, 2013

9 Hour Marathon

Something lighter today! This was my weekend off writing!

Saturday was the ‘quick-clean-up-as-we-have-visitors-over-this-afternoon’ rush. I just hope we remember where everything got hidden , I mean put away!  It was the monthly AD&D roleplaying marathon day! You know, the old tabletop version with books and dice and miniatures and stuff! For the past ten years, we have played a house rules game of a different system. Now it is back to my roots with AD&D.

I started roleplaying in 1979 (I remember the old blue box and red box), back when any form of roleplaying was considered weird and nerdy. It probably is still but I don’t care! It taxes my little grey cells – gets me thinking outside the box, thinking on my feet (or my bum on the seat) and solving problems on the spot!

We have started using version 3.5. It is a bit confusing. The last time I played the system was version 2 (for about 4 months); most of my gaming or roleplaying in the 80s and 90s was good ol’ AD&D.  (I still have the books!) Some of the rules have changed a bit. DD miniature

I even pulled out our old miniatures. 25mm high. We have so many that we had to stop buying them back i 1997 as we had too many unpainted ones (and still do).  I am playing an elven rogue (not a thief!) and found an old Middle Earth one to paint up for her. Gosh, the memories.

I wonder if any of the paint is still usable?

We had a great time; a nine hour marathon this time! Good fun. Good food. Good company.  It gives me time to recharge my batteries for next weeks work schedule!


9 Hour Marathon

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