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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creative Mode

Though still suffering from my sinus infection and feeling as if I had coughed up the other lung, I did manage to get 1000 words of a first draft done.  All handwritten, as is my creative first draft method. We meet both characters mid-adventure.  I managed an introduction to our heroes and to get them into enough hot water that one wonders how they will escape certain discovery.  I have a new sidekick character.

The rest of the storyline is plotted, though I am sure it will metamorphose before my very eyes when I actually sit down and finish writing it.  My biggest fear now is that I will not finish the story in the allotted word limit.  When 3000 or over, a complete storyline (with background)  is much easier to write. A shorter limit of only 1000 or 2000 words requires just a snippet of an adventure… needing a lot more economy with words.

It is yet another story set in Ye Olde London Town, with Victorian steampunkish goodness… well hopefully a tinge of it. The competition says ‘open theme’ so I (again) hope that a steampunk genre will not be too ‘out there’, allowing the judges to look at the writing’s merit.

Wednesday night is the weekly Writers’ Race, so I am hoping to get another 1000 words down for the first draft by the end of it. I will leave editing until I am recovered… I think my brain is still a little addled; I so hope the story isn’t as well.

Creative Mode

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