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Monday, July 15, 2013

Mutually Beneficial Winter Warmness

I have a friend who loves knitting. She is very deft at it and loves knitting for other people. This is wonderfully beneficial arrangement, as I am hopeless at knitting. I tried once, well twice actually.  Back in my high school days, the girls had to take Home Economics. (We actually caused a stir in our year, as one of the boys took the class as well. He wanted to be a chef. He was an absolutely brilliant cook!)

As part of Home Ec, we had to learn to sew (easy, peasy! Mum taught me to sew when I was a child), to cook (grandma took care of that one) etc… and to knit. I knitted one roll neck jumper; it took me all term to make it. It was huge! I was told that I had a ‘loose knitting tension’. I tried knitting another jumper, a few years later. Same result. I kept them for the day when I was pregnant (mum said never to get pregnant over summer – the heat kills!). Ha! They were even too voluminous when I was nine months pregnant!! Both jumpers got donated to the Salvos in the end and I gave up attempting to knit.

Wind back to almost the present day: Last year my friend Cheryl asked me, quite out of the blue


“How long is the Doctor’s scarf?” followed by “What are your favourite colours?”

I answered: “varies but could be up to 15 foot long” and “purples “(of course). A few weeks later she presented me with my purple and blue Doctor Who scarf!!  I love my Doctor scarf; it is soooo warm and wraps around my neck 2-4 times, depending on how cold I am. I am tempted to make a whole purple/blue toned Doctor outfit to match!

More recently my friend Cheryl asked “Do you have any really interesting knitting patterns I can try?” I remembered seeing a ‘brain beanie’ on the internet and mentioned that. She was intrigued (but I think she thought it weird, not having ever seen one). I searched my computer and trolled the internet, finally found a pattern and sent it to her.

Today I got presented with the following amazing piece of fun! (and it is really warm). Brains!!!!  - providing me with more little grey cells.

Brain beanieJust thought I would share!!!

Mutually Beneficial Winter Warmness

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