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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself. It is hard to concentrate and my head is ‘whooshing’.  Yesterday was a bad day. I finally gave in and saw the doctor who advised me that the sinus infection itself would have been enough… but I had to go and get a virus/head cold on top of it! I have two days of forced rest so could not go to earn some money. Something about being contagious … Thank goodness we have duplicates of some of our vital organs: lungs, kidneys etc, as I feel like I have coughed up at least one lung!

I am already bored. I have tried to watch some television. I usually enjoy Midsommer Murders or some Agatha Christie but have been having major problems following the story lines. Hence, little enjoyment there. I tried some of my favourite girlie movies; I even had problems concentrating on Jane Austin today.

I tried to draw something; my hand was shaking too much and the shape was all out of whack. Not happy. I tried to do some free-writing. Write everyday, they say. Even if it is crap, they say. I did manage a page of handwritten prose but I can’t judge whether it is crap or not, at this stage. But I just could not remember what the goal of the  heroine and her ‘sidekick’, so it sort of petered out… Could be interesting to read later. We shall see.

Sorry, that this is not sparkling prose with some deep and meaningful insight. At least I got some writing done.


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