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Friday, July 19, 2013


Winter has finally really set in. I am happy. My dear hubby is not. I love the cold weather, especially as it has life-giving rain for my garden and for the city water reservoirs. Being an ex-farm girl, I am always keeping an eye on the reservoirs and water tanks. Old habits die hard especially in South Australia where we have some of the driest country in the world.  

fireflyA few days ago, I showed pictures of some of the wonderfully warm winter woollies knitted for me, by my friends. I wanted to mention this one too but could not find a picture to do it justice. I have now found one! Let me introduce to you my tailor made Firefly hat in my favourite colour – purple. I just had to buy an appropriate t-shirt in purple to match! I am also looking for purple army pants to complete the ensemble.

It has been a rough few days, emotionally. As usual, I am using writing as a cathartic tool and am basing one of the characters in my next short story The Soul Cafe on my friend. He is the one character that knows everything that is going on and ends up helping the ‘innocent’ in the story… Today, I told him of my plans and he liked it, especially in being the one who is in the know.  For me it is something to remember him by. I hope I do him justice.

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