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Saturday, July 27, 2013


hair july 2013Sorry. This won’t be my most erudite post, nor my most witty one.  The snot fairies have taken up residence and are having a party so I am feeling a little hazy today.  More steam inhalations for me later.  My wonderful husband is currently making fresh mushroom, shallot and sheep cheese toasty sandwiches for my lunch. Bless him. I did not have the heart to tell him that I should probably avoid milk products with bunged up sinuses and nose. But it will be yummy.

Good news. I did get my short story finished and sent off for the competition. As it was an electronic entry, I already have confirmation that it was received. That is one less thing to worry about. I still need to lose 160 odd words from my gaslight/gaslamp story though. Sigh. I think some of the back story (explained near the end) will have to go. Oh well, I can use it for something else in the future… Only you, dear reader, will know. 

I had my hair re-coloured today, so that has cheered me up a little. I tried to take a selfie to show the colour but I am not very good at taking them. You can’t really see the brightness of the colour either. In the end, I needed my hubby’s help, with my phone camera, so the colour would show with the flash. (still not very well though).  It is the same chocolate brown base, with red (almost purple) streak/highlights and  left my natural grey  streak there for the world to see!

And, for those observant readers out there.. Yes, it is a Karen Hallion t-shirt!


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