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Monday, July 1, 2013

Painting days.

Taking a writing break day this afternoon. My 'alter ego' had a half-day working this morning; I came home to homemade lunch (thanks to my wonderful husband), a nice cup of tea and 85% dark chocolate. (Well, a couple of cups of tea actually.) 

The back door is open and there is an absolutely glorious breeze wafting in. There is the earthy smell of the wet garden and deliciously cool air. Somewhere in the area someone has their wood fire going. I can hear the varying voices of at least four different types of birds as they play in the bottle brush out back. The sun has finally chased away the fog, of the past few days. I love this weather. It recharges my batteries. 

Once caffeinated to an appropriate level, I took to my painting again. For my new readers, you can read more about it in Painting Prose, Been Painting and Fashioning a Scroll and a Short Story. I find the painting relaxing and perfect for when I am trying to let research and plot ideas to just percolate through my subconscious, allowing the words to form on their own accord. 

Last night, I managed to apply most of the gold for the acanthus leaves and did some shading. Today I will inspect the damage, as the light was fading last night. Today I tackled the miniature (portrait). This is for a 'peerage' scroll for a historical re-creation group that I have been a member for almost twenty years. I have only added part-pictures as I do not want to preempt the surprise of those receiving it!

I will post full pictures when they have been handed out.  Just some pretty gold filagree type fine painting to do on the minature and it is done!

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