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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Fallout...

Well, An Eye for Detail did not win the Australian Literature Review Short Story Competition but I am pretty excited that they thought it good enough to get onto their shortlist of just six stories! Can't rest though. I have at least four stories I want to write this month and have already started researching some tit bits for it. I am sticking to my preferred genre again and I have a basic plot all... well, plotted out. This time some superstitions are being made use of... 

I am mulling over some characters at the moment. Should I have a hero or heroine? I am also toying with some ideas, for other short stories, about uprooting some of them and transplanting them in the colonies. Hmmm... that could cause a few feathers to be ruffled in the case of some of my characters. They won't like it at all. There will be some major obstacles to overcome. I wonder if I can work it?

Today I was working on totally revamping my website which needs some zushing up. Luckily I have a live-in-IT-man on the ready. Both of us have had a frustrating day as something that I thought would be easy, obviously isn't. I think we may actually have a compromise that could work. Phew!

I have also been putting off something that I swore I would never do! I have been reading more and more about having to connect with people as that is the modern thing to do. I have finally and, I must admit was almost dragged kicking and screaming, to start a twitter account. Most likely this will be an intermittent thing and will be there as an alternate contact point and for occasional announcements. https://twitter.com/katdb42

On a lighter note, the fog here was amazing this morning and hung around until well after 11.30 am.

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