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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Distracted but productive.

I was going to do some artwork. Saturday afternoon was earmarked for more scribe work (calligraphy and illumination) but I got sidetracked. I had messages from the regular attendees; a sister’s birthday and a trip interstate with the family. Not a problem. I would sit and do some work on my own and see if anyone else lobs in, as it was open house today.

Ah, then it rained. With the moisture level through the roof, there was no gilding going to happen. I did get out my nib pens and brushes but got sidetracked … again.

I sat listening to the relaxing rhythm of the raindrops as they hit the verandah’s metal roof. The back door was open and the fresh breeze was soothing. The moisture in the air  allowed me to breathe fully for the first time in weeks. (dust allergies = sinus blockages). The passing cars lifted the water off the road, making a wonderful sound.  Several birds in the back yard, all with their individual voices provided an entertaining chorus.

I sat quietly. No television. No music. Just the birds and the sounds of water. Words crept into my thoughts. I just had to write. So here I sat, chillin’ and writing (first draft completed – within word limit).  Sigh.Heaven

Distracted but productive.

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