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Friday, July 26, 2013

Too Much Information?

For a few weeks now, I have been battling either allergies (and resulting sinus infection) or a head cold. The sinus infection was the forerunner, as a cold would usually have started improving after the first three days or so. This didn’t. Though we have had a lot of rain (or possibly because of it- keeping the windows shut), the dust inside the house has been piling up.  Unfortunately, I am very allergic to dust (or possibly more accurately, the dust mites?).

I suppose I am lucky really, as a large number of family members get asthma. Allergies are very commonly associated with asthma, especially dust, pollens and cats.  I never had allergy problems with I lived in Queensland; it was after having moved to South Australia (driest state in driest continent) and experienced the horrendous dust storms we get in summer,  that I discovered my allergy to dust. Oh joy. (Insert dripping sarcasm here.) At least I don’t suffer from asthma. That is a bonus!

This week started out well. The cleaner (bless him) came and dusted. (If I dust, it always ends badly for me). I could breathe again… for a while.  My dearest husband had been airing a lovely, soft shag-pile rug out in the back yard… He finally brought it inside yesterday and dumped it on the floor in front of where I write. I could smell the dust that emanated from it. It swirled up and launched itself into my nostrils, burning all the way to the sinuses. Within thirty minutes there was itching, sneezing and ‘gooby’ eyes. He had forgotten to vacuum it! Argh!

Today I sit with a blocked nose, the mucus not making its mind up if it wants to stay snuggled in my head or roller-coaster ride down the back of my throat. Oh, joy. (more dripping sarcasm). Steam inhalations, sinus medications and self-pity… and sneezing… are the active words for today.

At least I got my short story to the final proof read stage. Hopefully it goes off tomorrow.

Too Much Information?

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