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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We all live to deadlines. Things at work that must be finished. Projects that need completion. Appointments that must be attended on time. In my case, there are also stories that must be posted, artwork commissions that must be posted and blogs that must be written. The challenge is to prioritize each item in its true order of importance and not get side tracked on those things that can be postponed.

Today, I have an appointment that must be attended. There is no option there. I have painting that ideally should be finished this morning if it is to make the post in time for a looming deadline. I also have another emergency appointment that must be attended later today (there was only one time available). This is essential for my health and pain relief or I will not be able to complete my projects for other deadlines.

So dear reader, please forgive me for a late blog post today. I do like to get it out as early as I am able for those readers in my timezone to get it on the same ‘day’ as those in the northern hemisphere.

Today, I managed to finish off some gold detailing on the background of some gauche miniatures. When they are finally dry, they will be packaged up for the weekend.

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