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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tending the Words.

There was doubt that it was winter today. It was chilly. The sky was overcast and the wind was piercing. Most of the day was spent inside chatting with a dear friend of mine who popped in for a visit. I was supposed to be doing some sewing but spent most of it catching up with Holly, as it has been over a month since she has been able to visit. Too long.

I did manage read some articles on writing – interesting essays on some writing techniques, insights on self publishing vs. publishing houses, the problems with (and trends in) book covers (though these will be a long way off. I still l have to finish my book first… then find an agent, then find a publisher… don’t hold your breath. I’m not.)  It is both informative and encouraging to read the exploits, dramas and solutions to problems experienced by other writers and authors.

I am also on the lookout for some story ideas. Some sparks are there and I am just letting them mull over, but for now I am working on ‘learning more of the craft’ and increasing some skills…


Finally, I also managed to thin out some of my carrot seedlings. I probably leave this late but I really hate the idea of just pulling out negligible seedlings and throwing them of these were savable. The others were ‘barbie’ sized and effectively just green tops. (sadly).

When I garden, it reminds me of story ideas; if I try to pluck them out of my brain too early, they have not had time to ‘gel’ and just dissolve away. They need time to fester and grow, so that when they are extracted they will survive scrutiny and (hopefully) fall onto the page… well, sometimes they do. Wish they would do so more often.ut (even if it is on the compost). I usually wait an extra month or so, so that the little baby seedlings have usable ‘baby’  (or in this case baby baby) carrots that can be tossed into a stew or pasta sauce.

Tending the Words.

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