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Monday, July 8, 2013

Finally, the secret project can be revealed.

For the past few months, I have been working on some re-enactment group (SCA) award scrolls for two locals who stepped down as the King and Queen, this weekend. I have been posting pictures of bits and pieces, as they were being made. The hope was that the recipients would not be identified (at the time) so it would be a surprise. (I hope it was – I was not there to find out, unfortunately).

The scrolls were original designs based on a few Book of Hours from the 15th century. He had a penchant for ferrets (his nickname) and she adored squirrels, so I searched illuminations (and some tapestries) for period representations of the animal. I did the same for the ferrets.

eva0613I then searched for photos of the couple so I could paint a miniature of each on their individual scrolls. I made them A4 size for two reasons:

1. I only had 2 months to do them, as some of the relevant information had not been finalised before then.

2. the two ‘pages’ would be closer to the actual size of some Book of Hours, of the chosen time.

The pencil sketches were inked over, using a nib.  After a few days of drying, I erased the pencil. Next was the calligraphy which I find the most difficult – trying to get all the letters even! Finally, the fun part – painting! I painted the background with a blue-grey gauche. Gauche was also used to paint the flora, fauna and miniature.

With the weather being so wet, I had to forego using gold leaf and painted the gold acanthus leaves and highlights on the fruits and the miniatures.

I was informed that they were handed out, this weekend… so now the big reveal:



The crosses are where the red wax seals are applied (two on each).

Now back to writing.

Finally, the secret project can be revealed.