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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Wednesday was a crap day. It started out promising; I managed a final ‘just-in-case’ edit and two paranoid spell checks, of my latest short story The Feline Principle. I managed to get it tucked away snugly in an envelope and off to the post office to find a new home. Hope they like it. After yesterday’s frustrated efforts with a multitude of teeny missed spelling mistakes, followed by today’s polishing, my brain was basically fried.

I am really starting to hate smart ass computers that keep telling me what to do… Though the spell check is useful (if it will only stay on English English, not American English!), the grammar check is getting really annoying… No! I WANT that sentence to be that way – for effect! Damn it! I am allowed to be creative!!!!

So the brain was squish. We visited the library and had a short walk for some R and R, some vitamin D and exercise then returned home to enjoy the chocolate hedgehog (slice) from Michelle’s bakery. I settled down to some internet socialising and bam!  A friend who has been very ill has been given only a very short time… I am still in denial and feeling like I will wake from a bad dream any minute. To compound the issue, another childhood friend of mine is suffering from cancer (and has not much time) and my husband’s grandmother passed away, last month.

There has been lots of reminiscing and soul searching today. I can just pop on a feel-good Rom Com and forget my troubles but my friends and their close ones do not have such a luxury.  I feel like an interloper, afforded a glimpse into another’s world, but at a loss at what to do. I cannot enter but just keep watching from the sidelines.  I will endeavour to ‘be there’, to provide support but in the end I am just a visitor who does not want to wear out their welcome.

Yesterday someone posted a meme: “In life it is not where you go – it is who you travelled with”. This could not be more true. Thank you my friends, for allowing me to travel just part of the way with you. I am honoured.


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