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Monday, July 29, 2013


Sunday was a day of mixed blessings. It was the warmest day we have had in over a month. It was a glorious 20 degree Celcius.  A slight breeze wafted in through the back door, skipping over the uncut grass bringing with it the heavenly smells of the cool earth and the smell of winter.  Somewhere, in the neighbourhood, there were sausages being cooked on the barbie. Somewhere someone was mowing and somewhere a garden was being tilled.

The breeze continued to sweep away most of the road noise so it was only just audible. The resulting noise of the  traffic, swished by in a rhythmic pattern, stopping occasionally so I could savour the still quiet until their return.  In the back yard, the birdsong drowned out the man-made noises. I counted three, four, five… no six different birds in all.

Several of the smaller birds played in the bottlebrush, skipping along the branches and chasing each other around the yard, only to fly off to the gum tree, next door. The ivy danced and shivered from their antics. The raven watched on in amusement, remaining aloof from the rabble.

Unfortunately, I was stuck inside for much of the days frivolity and splendour. My sinuses have finally announced that they are, indeed, infected and were intermittently showing me proof of such an existence. The pressure was enough to create excruciating pain for most of the day. When the medication finally did do me the honour of doing its duty, the sinuses began to behave themselves… for a short time at least.

Even now, I can feel the drumming of a burgeoning full-blown war about to erupt.

Pass me the tissues… and thar she blows!!!


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