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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Almost Spring

What a glorious day!

I woke to cheery sunlight; a welcome change to the past week’s winter chill and rain. The doors and windows were flung open to allow the soft breeze entry.  The smell of fresh cool earth and freshly mown grass accompanied it.  Spring was in the air. A hint of wood smoke mixed with a lunchtime barbeque of sausages reminded me that the vestige of winter lingering.

It was a beautiful day to be in the garden, something I have not been able to do with the recent weeks of wet weather. The sun’s rains were warming and welcome. For the first time since early autumn, I was able to garden without a coat for warmth. I finally managed to repot some Tuscan kale seedlings that have been awaiting my attention then rescued a massive carrot which had grown longer than the pot’s height and was trying to push itself free.

Bees buzzed, busily gathering from the lavender, nasturtiums and daisies. Birds sang and chased each other through the trees and fossicked in the lawn (hopefully ridding me of some of the curl grubs I am dreading have taken over). I counted at least five different bird song. The resident crows sat on the fence surveying their lands and watched me work in the back yard.

It was evening before the chill started to return, finally necessitating the closure of the doors and windows followed by warming cups of tea. Only now, the clean (and dry) clothes were retrieved from the washing line as spits of rain began to bounce off the metal verandah roof.

Tomorrow we have more of the same. I love Spring.

Almost Spring

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