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Monday, August 26, 2013

It was another long day of sewing.

After some spiritual nourishment, I had returned home had some physical nourishment and started the next round of costume making. Today I was concentrating on the crowning glory of my (now reassessed and re-designed) costume for the upcoming Australian Costumers’ Guild Annual Costume Ball.


I have attended every Costume Ball since they have been held in South Australia.  Each year, we have a masquarade (Parade, if you prefer) showcasing some of the most spectacular costumes made by Guild members, ranging from novice (new to costuming) to Master class (experienced) costumers. There is also the workmanship competition where the quality of making of the costume is judged. Again there are novice, journeyman and Master levels in this competition; new costumers are judged separately from Master level. Last year my husband entered his very first competition with items from his costume he wore – his mask and belt accessories for Malfotto. He won his first award (Proud wifey moment!)

This year I am not entering the Workmanship competition; due to health issues I will not have my costume completed in time. I will have it to a wearable (alternate version) state… if I keep sewing…

A hint of Sunday’s work…

I spent a hour or two chasing up millinery wire as I ran out half way through  my allotted project for the day. Finally (and thankfully) I found some at Dragon’sblood Creations (owned by a friend of mine). I also did a lot of turning things inside out, stuffing things with hobby fill and handsewing. There will be painting and more handsewing to come. More on this after the Ball.


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