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Monday, August 12, 2013


Every now and then I need a break.

On a Sunday it is like the calm before the storm, for me. Tomorrow is my ‘day job’. After last week’s stresses, I want to try to take it very slowly. We had lunch with friends and chatted for hours. It was great being able to just sit; we did not have to be anywhere as our diary was uncluttered for the day.  Trying to look back on what we talked about,  I know it was important at the time but I am not surprised that it has all melded into just the memory of relaxed conversation.

Once home, the week finally caught up with me. My eyelids betrayed me and I finally gave into a a ‘Nanna’ nap. However what was intended as a short 15 minute cat nap ended up as an hour snooze. I woke up with the cat asleep on my arm, purring away. Grandmas should not hold the monopoly on afternoon naps. They are instrumental in rejuvenating my flagging energy.

Briar rose bodiceb

With four o’clock looming, my brain finally woke up! I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off my daughter’s costume bodice. Thankfully, I found some plastic boning in the cupboard. The edges are now edged in bias and it only has the eyelets to be added and it is finished!

The great thing about handsewing is that I can catch up on videos while doing it! I rewatched Doctor Who’s Battlefield with the 7th Doctor.

Today was mostly a ‘distraction’ day; one of my methods to avoid thinking about possible stressful situations tomorrow.  To finish off the day, I settled in to watch new episodes of Bones and Castle (sounds like a pub!) while drinking  hot cocoa and listening to the calming rhythm of the rain on the roof.

Take five minutes, or better yet 30 minutes, to stop and wonder at the world.  And relax!


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