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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Needs and Creation

Today was exhausting. I am trying to get a Costumers’ Guild Ball outfit made AND polish off a short story AND write another one… all before the end of the month. In the meantime I am having to deal with health issues and more tests. Life can be so hectic and sometimes I just want to snuggle up in bed, pull up the covers and bury my head under the pillow. I am not allowed any such luxury!

underskirt finalBk

I did finish the underskirt of my outfit today. (in a colour I do not usually wear).  The main skirt was easily finished but the I now reminded of why I have avoided making ruffled skirts for such a long time. I cut, hemed (twice), sewed a gathering stitch and then two lines of sewing to attach it to the skirt… each to the strip of 9m material!

And I have to do this for two more ruffles destined for the overskirt!

Why do I do this? Most Costumers will understand. Most artists will understand and most writers will understand. I crave to create. Even when I sigh with exasperation, grumble with frustration and scream when it all goes wrong! (as I did today when the ruffle went offline and had to be half unpicked!) I keep going back for more.

Why? I need to create! It is in my blood. It is in my soul. Without creating something whether words, pictures or costumes, there is something missing. Ironically, when I do create, it feels like I have extracted a part of my soul and am baring it for all the world to see; it is both petrifying and liberating at the same time.

Yet I will still keep writing, making costumes and taking photos. I will continue to paint and draw. I have to. I have no choice. Life would be so grey and my heart would be sad.

Needs and Creation

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