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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that I can not be all things to everyone. I can only do two impossible things before breakfast (not ten!) Though I would dearly love to attend more events such as this weekend’s Vintage Fair, I have had to say no (even to a free ticket) as I need some time to recharge and spend quality time with my family.

Saturday I was indulging in costuming, making more costume items for the upcoming Costumers’ Ball. I managed to complete the overskirt. I cut, frayed the hems (decoratively), sewed, gathered and sewed again… nine metres of material for the second ruffle for the overskirt. I sewed for seven hours. I now need a break!

Ideally, I need to make a new corset and make the hat for the outfit. I have one week to complete it. I also have one week to finish a short story for a (potentially well paying) competition. I want to make it a well written, well thought out story that has a chance of impressing the judges. I also do not want to end up stressing out over the next week, so that I will not be able to enjoy the Ball.

So on Saturday I also did some reassessing. I have decided that time with the family and my writing will win out this coming week. Though I am looking forward to the annual Ball, I will not be entering any competitions next weekend. This time I will attend solely for pleasure (and making a fool of myself on the dancefloor).

As a result, I have decided that I will forego making a new corset; I have one I purchased some time ago that will suffice. While it won’t be as fitting to the overall concept of my originally planned outfit, it will complete it to a wearable state. I will complete the hat. It is an essential part of the costume. This will leave me most of the week to finish writing, edit and polish my story but also give me time to spend with my family.

Life really isn’t easy. I have been spreading myself too thin, for too long. It requires constant assessing and reassessing of what is most important against what is desirable. These days I find myself not only editing my writing but also editing the demands on my time. Maybe one day I won’t feel guilty about putting the needs of myself and my family first. I think they are all worth it.

Hug someone you love today!


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