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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Secret Projects...

A change of pace today, as I am still battling this darned cough (day 7!). I have not done much costuming this year due my stress/ health issues and budgetary restrictions.  As long-term readers are aware, I have also been busy concentrating on some art projects and on my writing, which has priority if I have any chance of making it my ‘alternate profession’ one day.

I have documented some of the art projects in previous posts, such as t-shirts (on Redbubble), re-enactment scrolls in Finally, the Secret Project can be Revealed. I am also working on a secret design project for a colleague in Queensland, an art commission and some artwork for a friend’s book. Busy, busy.

It is scary how things all seem to crop at once… and at such short notice. Well at least one was. This year my daughter’s school year have decided to have a theme for book week (not just a general theme which I was hoping for as we have many costumes to choose from already). This means that I will HAVE to make something for book week. The theme was only chosen recently, so I have only two more weeks to get it finished (and find something appropriate to make with the materials we already have).

If that was not bad enough, I have been pondering and assessing and finally tearing my hair out over what to make for the annual Australian Costumers’ Guild Ball which is held at the end of this month. As I have been busy writing (and have been unwell), this has quietly sneaked up on me. Holy fishcakes, Batman! I have been rifling though my material cupboard trying to work out what I can make in two weeks (at the same time as making the book week costume) AND  without having to purchase anything.

Finally, I think I have cracked the case! I am cheating a bit, as I am using some material earmarked for another project, making the skirt for the original project and using it as part of an alternate project. Confused? I can’t make the original project as I do not have the time to do the essential material dyeing (which I only get once chance to do) as if I stuff it up I am … well.. stuffed. I am adding some bits from another project (half finished) and will top it all off with something I have been aching to make for some time. If it works, I will be delirious! Intrigued? I hope so!

The final problem is trying to find some obscure material that I had bought about 20 years ago and stashed somewhere. I know that I have it. I just can’t find it. I can do this project without it but it will be soooo much cooler if I can find it.  Obscure enough for you? Good!

For now I will leave you with a taste of the materials I am hoping to successfully use. Pics will be posted later in the month with the big reveal, as they say.

1 material

Secret Projects...

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