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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Laughing Stock.

I don’t usually write about politics because I don’t like it. Frankly, politics makes me frustrated, angry and grumpy. We have two main political parties in Australia, both of which could not tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Years ago, the Left was the left and the Right was the right and everyone could guess where their policies (if they had them) would lie. These days both flavours of politics are almost identical. We might as well just eat neopolitan. At least we used to have the Democrats to keep the bastards honest!

Though it has been quoted that ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’, past elections have been a little easier for the voter.  The die-hards will vote for their party – no matter what. At least they have loyalty, I have to give them credit for that. I have been a swinging voter for some time now, as neither of the main parties seem to want to let the public in on their secrets ie. what policies they will truly implement. Too often there have been promises which have been broken, changed or weedled out of.

Once upon a time there was at least some hope for our environment and, in turn, for the future of mankind. There was encouragement to set up solar power. That is now gone. There was an implemented Carbon Tax which actually DID encourage some companies to use less coal and switch to renewable energy or more efficient power usage. It did not seriously impact on everyday costs… but… if you listen to the political heavy weights who are scare mongering, they are blaming power increases on this. Bulls**t. The increases are due to private companies (and who allowed privatisation, I ask?) hiking up prices. Only part of this is due to the aging power grids that were going to need an upgrade anyway. Ditto for our aging water systems.

In an effort to chase the poll ratings, the vote and gain power, both parties have been creating, twisting and dropping policies. Neither seem to have the courage of their convictions to stick to their core ethics. It is very hard to tell them apart other than the colour of their ties. It is scary when our upcoming election and the farce of an election campaign become the laughing stock of overseas news broadcasts. Think about it.

The best we can hope for is a hung Parliament with some Independents  to scare both major parties into allowing conscience votes.

I ignore the ‘how to vote cards’ on election day. I am one of those annoying voters who hog the polling booth and takes forever to actually number each and every box. New voters may not realise that a ‘donkey’ vote (ineligible vote) is a vote for those currently in power. Whoever you vote for, think about it. Don’t just follow family tradition or vote ‘the usual’ way just out of loyalty. Don’t just vote for the most charismatic leader. Think about the policies. Think about our country. Think about the environment and the future (or lack thereof) for our children.

We are indeed the lucky country. We have resources that we need to keep Australian owned. We have the freedom of speech. Though political correctness may try to constrain us, we have the freedom to debate and even disagree with the powers that be. Many countries do not have that luxury. We have the right to vote in safety. Our voice will be heard.

Make it so.

Laughing Stock.

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