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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Firstly, welcome to all my new readers! You know who you are. In the past two days, my blog hits have doubled. Thanks for that; it is wonderful to know that I am not just writing little pieces of my soul into the invisible internet ether for them to fizzle out, unread.

Secondly, after yesterday’s rant I am exhausted! I am on day six of being ill and I am so over it. I have counted at least seven lungs that I have coughed up during the last two days only! I have finally succumbed to modern medicine to try to kick those nasty little bugs in the teeth… and they are tough blighters.

With my brain addled, I am just doing a short post today.  I am sitting in my PJ’s and dressing gown, guzzling the last of my tea and wishing a bit of chocolate would spontaneously appear on the table beside me. (Maybe if I bat my eyelids at my hubby?… well that wasn’t hard. I love that man! )

Though loathed to admit it, and being not very found of tropes, I could just stick some rollers in my hair and I would emulate a grumpy housewife stereotype right now… but with a lot more coughing and no cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

Having now let my addled brain loose on you – poor unsuspecting reader – I will leave you to enjoy your day and I will eat that chocolate and cup of tea that have spontaneously appeared on my side table.  (the wonderful man)


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