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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Friday was an emotional roller coaster ride. I was coming down from the high of a story completed and posted and wrestling with a new story idea that just won’t quite gel. It was a hormonal morning; my husband bore it well. All the while an emotional cloud hung in the air (exactly the way bricks don’t).

I put on one of my favourite purple top, pulled on my purple wool coat and a multi-purple scarf made lovingly by a friend. Usually the colour cheers me up; I needed an emotional lift today. Still I was melancholy.

We slumped into the car and drove to our destination. It was a grey day, the rain just holding back. The wind was chilled. The lights changed silently oblivious to the reason for our travels. We had planned to arrive early to get parking and, even though we were 20 minutes early, we had to park a few streets along and walk the rest of the way.

It is Friday 9th August. There was a stirring in the Force.

We farewelled a friend of ours.  I will not say goodbye as he will always be with us. Though we cried, we also smiled … and even laughed. He would have wanted it that way. The church was packed and overflowing. Costumed mourners smiled as his words were read to us. We embraced his wife and soul mate. So many people. So much love.

A strong, caring, smiling man may have lost the battle but he won the love of so many.  Though there is a deep sadness and a hole in my heart, I will remember him with happiness. How could it be any other way. He always made others feel better.

Rest in Peace Steve and May the Force be with you.


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