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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This blogging gig

This blogging gig is not as easy as it looks. Every day I crack open my ‘writing brain’ and try to find something new, interesting or informative to write about. Some days I don’t feel like writing. Some days I would just like to curl up in bed and not have to ask myself “What am I going to write about?”  (any suggestions?) Some days the writers’ block seems almost impossible to break.

I hope one day to become a professional writer. Most writers dream of being able to quit their day job and making some sort of living with their writing. This road is a long one with no guarantee of reaching the final destination. It is more likely to take years, possibly decades; only a small number of writers make enough to rely on writing  for their main income. That is the reality.

In the meantime, if I am to have any chance of one day fulfilling my dream, it will require hard work, honing my craft and developing a discipline. I have no illusions about that. I decided that I would try to produce prose daily, to develop a regular writing discipline something recommended by many published writers. One way of ensuring this was to create a blog.

I could have decided to make this a regular weekly stint. That would have been easier and much less work but would have defeated the purpose for which this blog was originally created. Making this more public gives me more of an incentive to actually produce something. If I become too slack, then I cannot hide it!

For now I am writing short stories, in an attempt to practice plot, character development and discover my voice. The writing I do here is helping me develop discipline to stick to deadlines and find ways of overcoming writers’ block. All the while I have a longer story growing in my imagination. Bit by bit, I tease new characters from my subconscious. I have a few books in my head that will one day break free and then I will start writing in earnest.

Until then I am still learning and appreciate the fact that you, dear Reader, are here for the ride.

This blogging gig

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