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Saturday, August 31, 2013


There is a lot to be said for organisational skills. It can drastically effect the result of very important things as well as apparently insignificant things. Right now I am not too impressed with myself. I am typing very carefully while waiting for my nails to dry.

I should have thought about it a bit more carefully as I also have to wash my hair tonight. It has to be tonight; tomorrow is the Annual Costume Ball. If I wash my hair tomorrow, it will be too clean (ie. slippery) making it harder to keep my wig in place.

Now I have to wait until my nails first dry, then for the polish to harden enough that it won’t be smudged when I wash my hair. I have the sinking feeling that I will have to redo them tomorrow morning; all because I did not slow down, think and organise myself first.

On a less trivial note, I should have organised myself earlier in the week with regards to my writing. A deadline was looming, at 5.00 pm Friday, for emailing a short story competition (that has quite a good prize pool). Word count was 1500-3000 words.  As regular readers have gleaned, I have had writers’ block this week, s0 I decided to resubmit one of my previous stories. Easy, I thought. It was for a 2000 word limit and I usually write fairly close to the wire. Friday morning I pulled out the story and … it was 1000 words only!

After a short panic and grump at myself for having not checked earlier (bad organisation on my part), I found another short story in my stash that was suitable. Saved! It was emailed and acknowledgement received.

Currently my husband is furiously handsewing his headwear for the Ball tomorrow night. I had strongly suggested (several times) that he start making the hat a week ago.  I am ignoring his puppydog eyes. I will not be sewing it for him. (I already given in and did some earlier.) It is now up to him…

Besides I just painted my nails and they are still drying.


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