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Thursday, August 1, 2013


It is Wednesday. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The breeze is refreshing. My husband has a job interview. My daughter got a distinction in an Australian wide examination.  It is the birthday of one of my dear friends.  I should be happy. But there is no joy.

It is Wednesday. Today I lost a friend. He was loud. He was funny. He was cheeky. He was sweet. He was loving. He always had good things to say about people. He was ill. In the end he had organ failure. In the end, he was surrounded by so many loving friends and family. In the end, he knew he was loved.

It is Wednesday. Today I weep. I weep for his wife who will feel his loss the most. I weep for his family and friends who miss him already. I weep for myself, as there is now a hole in my heart. But for Steve, there is no more pain. No more sadness. He will see us everyday; he is now one with the Force.

All I can do to relieve the grief, is to write: now there are no more words, other than: Rest in Peace, Steve.

steve young july 2013 quick pencil


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