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Monday, September 9, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Pleasant

It has been an emotional and exasperating week. I am not going to mention the ‘E’ or ‘V’ word. (last time I mentioned p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s my reader numbers from countries like China totally evaporated. Am I on a ban list?) Today I am going to extol the virtues of such a lovely spring day… yet again.

I have been stuck inside for most of the week. The rain threatened but did not eventuate. Mostly there has been glorious sunlight streaming in the now open and naked (the curtains were pulled back) windows.  My cat had the right idea; she has been lying on the window seat soaking up the sun, warming her old arthritic bones. On a few occasions, I have decided to join her. She is a very astute feline.

I have decided that it is time to pot up some of the self seeded french lavenders that are strewn around the front yard. Almost twenty in all. I gathered up the (now) empty terracotta pots and rehoused the lavenders in them. I still have several of them in the garden; I may have to find them new homes elsewhere.

I love sharing around those serendipitous plants that pop up and I love populating my garden with plants gifted to me by others. Last year my friend Cheryl invited us to dig up a plethora of white irises from her garden. We did! Gladly. I love irises. We have a colony of purple ones (and the odd peach one made its way in there) in the back yard that were ‘inherited’ from my grandmother-in-law.

We planted two whopping swathes of the liberated white irises at the very beginning of our front yard last year. They are some of the first things you can see when you park out front. Last summer they were patchy. This year they have doubled and we have the most striking white irises in the shade of our old gum tree. Devine!

lavendersSELF lavendersSELFout
(left: some of the self seeded french lavenders. Right: the holes left behind, taking just 6 out)
LavenderPOTTED potsempty

Now isn’t that much more pleasant than listening to the whinging about the ‘E’? I think so. Excuse me while I go have another cup of black rose tea and go potter in the garden and enjoy the breeze and the birdsong.

And Now for Something Completely Pleasant

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