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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Retro-styled Shoes

40sshoes1Earlier this year Rivers stores were having a sale, on shoes mostly. My dear hubby suggested that we should check it out to see if there were any bargains. Silly man! It was on this trip that I found a most comfortable pair of leather-lined 40s style shoes.

Yesterday I continued my journey into more retro dressing. Now that ‘boot season’ is regrettably over, my new shoes had their first outing at work. Being slightly padded with leather lining, they were rather comfortable. Something that is a must for much of my day is spent standing.

1309patternFLBLWMy next project is an A-line skirt which I plan to make a crisp, white blouse to wear with it. (Again not enough of the material was left on the remnant roll for a matching blouse or a dress.) To keep with the retro feel, I am considering using the recent blouse pattern but lowering the neckline and adding a more rounded collar. Sketches ensued.

Inspired, I rummaged through my material stash and found this cherry print cotton I had found in the sale rack in Spotlight. Unfortunately it is only 2 – 3 metres so I may be restricted to making a skirt only.


New Retro-styled Shoes

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