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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What doesn't kill me...

Yesterday was a ‘bad knee day’. The tendons and muscles were tight and complained every time I walked up the stairs at work, worked down the stairs at work or walked around (wherever I was).  Apparently I hold a lot of my tension in my neck muscles and my gluteus maximus. As a result I get hip pain and resulting leg and knee pain.

Enough of the whinging from me. What it all boils down to is the myriad of ways that can be thought of to try to avoid the above.

Firstly there is avoidance: avoiding stairs and excess movement. I have done this too much and as a result now have to lose the unfortunate side-effect of gained weight  - which is not helping the knees one bit! Ironically if I do walking the pain eventually settles to a dull roar. After months of slackness, I have re-introduced myself to my friend, the exercise trampoline; I used to run thirty minutes a day on my trampoline. (If I run on the footpath, it jars my knees; I found the trampoline cushions them and I can actually do the running!) With life having issues this year, I have gotten sidetracked. Now I am determined to avoid the avoidance and get back on track with my running (which will be eased as walking until my knee muscles can handle it all again).

Secondly there is muscle relaxant medication. I very rarely use this; I am one of those people who do not take medication unless I have absolutely no option. This has been a source of chagrin to my doctor I am sure. Usually I recover from my ailments, antibiotic free and immunization is a wonderful thing to kickstart the immune system and avoid the worst of many lurgies. With regards to pain, I have tried relaxation exercises (not always successful), tai chi and the good old distraction technique. This does not seem to help when I cannot sleep though.

Finally there is therapeutic massage. Worth its weight in gold! I am well acquainted with the local Chinese masseur and have a regular therapeutic masseur. This Saturday is my regular appointment… if I can just last til then.

The most annoying of this whole ‘getting older/having to deal with past injuries/gaining weight’ crap is the inconvenience of it all! It all gets in the way of my gardening (knees), my sewing (hips and back) and my writing/art (hips, neck). I have had to deal with my body’s recriminations the day after Costume Balls (and dancing with abandon… which was fun!). Regular breaks from sitting is the key. I have even contemplated buying one of those speech recognition programmes, so I can dictate my stories while I am taking a break from sitting at the computer. (though I have heard varying accounts on their actual usefulness.)

In the end I just have to grin and bear it. The pain itself won’t kill me. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Now for another cup of tea and to stretch my legs…

What doesn't kill me...

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