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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Checking things out...

About a month ago, I ended up in hospital for various reasons. I had also been suffering from a very nasty sinus infection which had resulted in extreme coughing, so much that it had pulled most of my chest muscles and I was having chest pain. As a precaution a chest xray was ordered. Since then I have had a barrage of tests.

Firstly I  was off for a bone density scan (ah, the curse of getting older). As we had actually expected, the gliche was most likely a previous accident as there is exactly zero per cent chance that I will have any oesteo problems in the next ten years. Way to go! Having lived on a dairy (and the endless founts of calcium laden liquid) on and off, for most of my childhood, was a bonus. Hooray!

Then there was the black spot… on one of my lungs. Here I would usually drop in a few piratical references (of which I am inordinately fond) but I was just hoping that it was not truely a dreaded black spot and a harbinger of death. I was fairly certain it was not as the results had already been forwarded to the specialist and he had not called me in urgently for testing.  Phew.

Monday was a list of lung function testing. This, that and the other thing. Then off to the lung specialist (who was very good at explaining the results). Good news! I have not got asthma (as many of the family do), nor lung disease.

So no excuses now… I can keep on writing.

Checking things out...

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