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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pinterest - Costume Pinny McPinny

The internet is addictive. Even when I set a specific time to do a specific task, it is all too easy to be side tracked. One of my friends shared a picture from Pinterest earlier. Never. I mean never – ever – go there unless you have a few hours to spare.  I thought: I’ll just pop up a few pictures of the costumes I have made over the years. That won’t take long. Ha! Don’t you believe it.

I did come up for air for about an hour.  Writers Race was tonight; it is good having ‘appointments’… and sticking to them.  I did manage to get the first short story edit done tonight and get some good advice from a published writer.

gg 96Then I went back to post some more costumes. Ayeee. It is not until I started trolling through the many pictures on my computer that I actually realised how many costumes I have made over the years. (and that is not all of them).

For the costumers amongst my readers, my this is my Pinterest page. I still have to find the photo albums (early 1980s) of my earlier costumes and scan them… one day. (I think I will take a break right now) This is one of the earliest ones on my computer: circa 1987 I think. It was for our D&D LARP Christmas party. Quite scary. I was a wood elf.

My first SF (fan) convention was in 1980. A Doctor Who inspired costume was one of my first costumes that I made. (I need to find the picture of it) Other costumes include Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Blakes 7, various movies and television shows with a growing list of Doctor Who costumes.

Then there is my latest (for several years now) love of Steampunk. Not only do I love writing alternative history and steampunk related stories but I love making and wearing the outfits as well.  I can mix and match. The only costume genre that has provided as much freedom in design and wearability has been historical re-enactment. Here are a few of my latest costumes from both:

sybil doneThe most comfortable costume that I have ever worn has been my Hobbitess costume or my Sybil outfit (from Doctor Who Fires of Pompeii).   I cannot pick a favourite costume. It changes depending on my mood and the weather (I must admit).

What I can decide upon is the costumes which have been the most fun to wear… and there are a few! On the top of the (recent) list is River Song (as always), Tia Dalma which was satisfying to finish (it took years to source materials from opshops and make pieces) and was a blast to wear. Also near the top of the list was Rita Skeeter. I spent the day at the convention ‘interviewing’ different costumers (or cosplayers if you prefer). Most recently it was the Victoria and Otto steampunk outfit.
tia dalma 2012OzComicConRitaSkeeterInterview

So now you know what I do with my spare time when I am not writing, drawing or photographing things…

Pinterest - Costume Pinny McPinny

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